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Walter James Solutions recruits future leaders across Supply Chain, Finance, Commercial, and Digital & Enterprise Technology in Consumer & Retail and Life Sciences organisations.

We support clients in recruiting middle to senior professionals within global public companies, venture capital-backed SMEs, start-ups, and family-run businesses. Our specialist consultants source individuals focused on delivering excellence whilst upholding each clients' cultural values.

We believe that by driving an expertly structured, strategic, yet agile approach for volume-based mid to senior positions, our service offers a higher calibre of talent for our clients. In the short-term, we fulfil our client’s needs for recruitment. Over the long-term, we equip our clients with talent that have the skills to become leaders of tomorrow.


About us


As part of our commitment to introducing firms to future leaders within their organisation, we support the recruitment of exceptional talent in the following functions:



Digital & Enterprise Technology


Searches completed in 60 days


Candidates placed still with the company after 2yrs


Candidates presented classified as diverse


Passive candidates placed

Servicing your talent needs

Our process focuses on supporting clients throughout their recruitment journey. This includes identifying current and future requirements to deliver efficient and valued services.

  1. Business and talent planning
  2. Growth and expansion
  3. Definition of requirements and processes

Offering the best talent on the market

When partnering with clients, we segment our extensive network to identify ideal candidates and offer time-efficient solutions.

  1. Identification of target market
  2. Direct sourcing
  3. Engagement conversations (open or confidential)
  4. Insight collation

Qualifying and introducing candidates

Our clients benefit from an approach designed to only introduce candidates with the right experience and cultural fit, they are also thoroughly reviewed to ensure they're able to take ownership of the required position.

  1. Analysis of findings and reporting
  2. Presentation and discussion
  3. Definition of next steps for candidate selection, onward engagement, and the interview process

Intelligence led conversations

By continuously maintaining engagement with each of our candidates, we create a transparent and honest hiring process that ensures both parties are making the right decision in their next move. 

  1. Ongoing engagement until handover to internal hiring team or point of need
  2. Additional assessment
  3. Potential refresh of talent pool

Continued support

Partnering with Walter James Solutions offers clients the continued support of experts to create forward-thinking, innovative hiring solutions.

  1. Activation at point of need
  2. Interview and offer management
  3. Onboarding
  4. Referencing (if required)
  5. Development planning

Global reach


Work completed in the US


Work completed in Europe


Work completed in Asia-Pac


Having worked with Walter James Solutions I understand why they are a preferred recruitment partner. Prompt action and follow up while remaining respectful, combined with a good understanding of the needs on both sides was evident throughout.

VP Site Director | GSK

I've worked with many recruiters but I found Walter James Solutions to be the most open and honest of them all, They were excellent communicators who always kept me informed at all times. They also have a good knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and are very professional in their approach but in a very relaxed manner.

Associate Director | Teva UK

The team at Walter James Solutions is very professional, supportive, and effective. They are able to capture business needs from clients very well, as well as translating them for the candidates.

Their organised and open approach allows a clear perception of opportunities and gaps and facilitates deep understanding and alignment throughout the interviewing process.

Management Director | Campari Group

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