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Interim Solutions

Walter James Solutions interim, partners with organisations to expertly scale, complete key projects, and improve short-term skill gaps through delivering talent professionals to fulfil an organisation’s needs. We foster a deep network throughout the interim market, connecting businesses with those who strive for excellence in our most flexible solution to recruitment. This agile solution is offered to those who require a degree of innovation in their hiring initiatives throughout times of change. 

Our candidates are hand-selected by specialist consultants dedicated to delivering support throughout periods of growth, transformation, and change. By partnering, we strengthen capabilities quickly and effectively with our interim managers facilitating swift change through practices designed to be easily sustained following the completion of their contract. 

We successfully place interim mid to senior managers across a variety of businesses. Each professional Walter James Solutions interim partner is selected to match a common cultural fit to support seamless integration into high-performing teams that excel in today’s modern marketplace.

Equipped with an unparalleled depth of knowledge, strength in relationships, and breadth of industry network, our specialist interim recruitment team can help you find the right interim professional for your business, or find you your next interim opportunity.

Benefits of Interim Consultants


An interim consultant’s adaptability to new working environments and breadth of experience across a number of projects offers an exceptional perspective to each task at hand. From partnering with a range of organisational types, interim consultants supply companies with extraordinary professional expertise for each project. 

Speed of Results

Interim consultant’s experience from across their specialist area will influence their ability to make strategic decisions when placed in a new environment. With years of practice within their market, interim consultants are adept to consistently meet expectations, deliver results, and establish tactical process changes that will optimise performance.

As most operate on short notice periods and transition between contracts with speed, the route to recruiting the right specialist to complete the assignment is often quick with skillful negotiation required to produce an effective result.

Value for Money

As a flexible recruitment solution, companies allocate dedicated and specialist resources to the completion of a project without disrupting the day-to-day operation of its workforce. Employing a flexible workforce increases cash-flow management by enabling businesses to appropriately scale committed resources if necessary, without ongoing costs including NI, pension, and holiday pay.


As short-term professionals within organisations, interim consultants can objectively act and implement ongoing change to see a project through to fruition.

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