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Payroll & Contingency Workforce Planning

Payroll Solutions & Contingency Workforce Planning

Walter James Solutions' consultative approach delivers efficient and seamless end-to-end payroll solutions and workforce contingency planning that is focused on achieving client and candidate satisfaction.

Clients benefit from a highly automated and internationally recognised payroll solution that provides control and flexibility. This can be offered alongside the provision of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution for workforce contingency planning. 

By being part of a wider group of sector specialist businesses, we have unique access to a wide range of forward-thinking recruitment leaders able to provide bespoke hiring solutions for many of your talent needs.

Underpinned by a highly experienced management team, we have a proven track record of success and offer a complete contingency workforce solution. We tailor our talent solutions to service your specific hiring needs, that we understand will shift over time, whilst always ensuring a high-quality service and outstanding industry insights.

Client benefits


Walter James Solutions ensures that an FPS is submitted for each employee on the old PAYE scheme before sending the first FPS of the new scheme.

The FPS for the old scheme will be fully compliant with HMRC requirements, with all relevant details for each employee will be transferred to the new scheme. 


Through a clear overview of the end-to-end process of transitioning employees from one payroll system to another, Walter James Solutions will execute state of the art management to deliver a safe and secure payroll process.

Introducing a payroll management solution provides a time-efficient step forward.

Consultative Expertise

Expert knowledge and previous experience conducting payroll transitions reduces the external risk factors, with case studies focused on a history of success.

Board members are available to provide advice and consultancy services, to deliver a bespoke and tailored solution.

Automated Process

A core element to the end solution will be in the organisation, design and implementation of an efficient process that is centred on productivity and end-user satisfaction.

Automation provides best practice efficiency and introduces a standardised process.

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