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Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

Walter James Solutions supports clients through large hiring initiatives within niche verticals. We understand large recruitment drives often place undue pressure on the capacity of internal personnel. Our expert knowledge within this space shapes how we partner with clients to ensure each is met with a professionally managed end-to-end process built on a true partnership.

Our consultants work solely on a single project to deliver success throughout each stage. We offer clients the ability to have their dedicated Walter James Solutions consultant onsite to work centrally from their office or to have consistent and direct contact with a consultant working from one of our office locations.

Benefits of Project Outsourcing

Seamless Solution

Project outsourcing to talent management professionals creates a seamless recruitment experience with a uniform assessment process to introduce the best people to an organisation. This is partnered with an extensive network from our consultants.

Flexible Cost

We allow for a flexible cost arrangement across one time or monthly installments for the duration of the project to offer a cost-effective solution for clients.  

Dedicated Resource

Dedicating recruitment services to one supplier allows for a consistent and transparent process for all stakeholders with the added benefit of a lower cost to hire than requesting services from a number of firms.

Extensive Networks

Walter James Solutions is part of a global professional network across executive, directorial, and senior management levels with established talent relationships across established and emerging markets, with a focus on reducing a client’s time to hire.

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